Mexico City

I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico City, so when Gerrick invited me down I jumped on the opportunity. Caline wasn’t able to come due to work but we’ll definitely plan another trip there for both of us sometime soon! Thank you Gerrick & family for letting me tag along on this great adventure.

Day 1 – Travel & Settling In

Getting to Mexico City from Pittsburgh is about 7 hours of flight time. Add getting to the airport, through customs, and to the apartment Gerrick rented, it was more like 11.5 hours. After I unpacked a bit; Gerrick, Nay and I walked around the area we were staying in for food, drinks & stocking up the apartment.

Day 2 – Exploring Mexico City

Started the day with delicious Mexican food in the apartment and then proceeded to take the subway into the city. Our group of 9 split up shortly after lunch to hit spots each were most interested in.

Day 3 – Teotihuacán Pyramids

We piled into an Uber for the hour’ish long drive to the pyramids. I love visiting other countries because they actually let you explore the sites. We were able to climb the *very* steep pyramids!

Day 4 – Exploring Mexico City

Gerrick’s family made plans for the day, so we walked all around the city eating, drinking, shopping and taking photos. Had a heck of a time finding Pulque but eventually found a small pub that had it (along with a solid beer selection).

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