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Korea: October 13th-23rd 2014

Caline, Randall, Lisa, Sam and I went to Korea to visit Nick for an epic 10 day adventure. We saw a ton of Northern South Korea and got to experience how Nick has been living for the last year. Definitely recommend checking out South Korea at least once in your life. I took 560 photos and 2 videos, the highlights are below;

Bro Tip: Change your camera’s timezone when traveling internationally to ensure you have accurate dates. I didn’t set mine and have been monkeying with jhead to fix them all.

Traveling to Korea: October 13th-14th

Our flight out of San Diego left at 8am, due to the international date line, we didn’t arrive in Seoul until 4pm the next day. The long flights were quite tolerable, we were occupied by movies, games and tons of snacks.

Nick wasn’t able to meet us at the airport, so we used his directions to grab a bus into Ilsan. Once we arrived, we used Nick’s graphical map to find the hotel (just past the Burger King on the right) and get checked in. A very painless process overall!

Bro Tip: Always check your surge protector’s voltage before plugging it into a foreign outlet. I blew the fuse in my plug convertor by plugging a surge protector into it, we spent the rest of the trip unsuccessfully looking for a replacement fuse.

The group was wiped out but needed to eat something, so we decided to explore La Festa mall across from the hotel. All of the restaurants we were seeing were Korean (duh) but we didn’t know anything about the food yet. Luckily we stumbled into an English style pub and grabbed hamburgers, fries and beers.

Even though it was only 7pm local time, we needed to get some sleep. So we went back to the hotel and passed out.

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