Big Bear Weekend

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February 2015

  • Mostly Costa Rica

Costa Rica Boogie “Party on the Playa”

A trip down to Costa Rica to skydive with new friends organized by Tsunami Skydivers. Galleries are broken up into skydiving and non-skydiving.


Not Skydiving


Kelp Forest and NOSC Tower Scuba

Caline, Matty, Archie and I went out to dive the kelp forest with Waterhorse Charters. The plan was to do two kelp dives. Due to other divers being in the second spot we wanted to dive, the captain (with some assistance from Caline) decided to make an unplanned stop at the NOSC Tower for dive number two.

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January 2015


Colorado Trip

We went out to Colorado to hang out with our friends Rick, Sarah, Dusty, Brandon, Stephanie & Winston. Snowboarding at Copper Mountain, Snowmobiling at Grand Lake and then more Snowboarding at Breckenridge!

December 2014

  • Spike the foster pup
  • Hiking
  • Christmas
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November 2014

  • Randall & Lisa Wedding
  • WRX Work