Mutts on the Mountain 5k

Caline, Blitz and I running the Mutts on the Mountain 5k in 7 Springs.



Bro trip down to Nicaragua with Adam, Archie, Ljubisa, Luke & Matty. A great time was had by all.

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July 2015

Spent almost all of July in Pittsburgh. Singular trip out of the area was to Kansas City to watch the US Men’s National Soccer team in a Gold Cup match against Panama.

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June 2015

Another busy travel month; Baltimore, San Diego & Los Angeles.

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May 2015

Lots of traveling in May. Started the month in Pittsburgh, then went to Vegas for conference, a surprise stopover in San Diego for Mother’s day, then up to San Francisco for work, back to Pittsburgh, then to LA, back to Pittsburgh and finally down to South Carolina for some skydiving fun. *whew*

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April 2015

The first half of April 2015 was spent driving from San Diego to Pittsburgh.


CA to PA 2015

Cross country drive from San Diego California to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Includes stops in Henderson Nevada, Moab Utah, Arvada Colorado, Hays Kansas, Lawrence Kansas, St. Louis Missouri and Chicago Illinois.

San Diego and Henderson

Drive to Moab

Adventures in Moab

Drive to Colorado and Adventures in Colorado

Kansas, Missouri, Etc.

Fun in Chicago

Chicago to Pittsburgh


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March 2015


Big Bear Weekend

2015-02-16 05.33.53

February 2015

  • Mostly Costa Rica