Corsica France

Caline was invited to speak at a conference in Corsica, so we jumped at the opportunity to explore the island. Corsica is one of the most beautiful & adventure centric locations we have ever been to. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back there someday to explore more of the island and see the wild donkeys roaming the roads.

Day One

We arrived mid-morning and took a bus from the airport into Bastia. After dropping our bags off, we walked around the city a bit. For dinner, we stopped into a grocery store for fruit, cheese & beer and enjoyed it on our hotel’s roof deck.

Day Two

Caline arranged a quick scuba dive right across the street from our hotel. One of the best diving locations I’ve ever been to, perfectly clear water. Too bad my GoPro stopped taking photos after 15 minutes.

Day Three

Time to checkout of our first hotel and explore Cap Corse! We rented a tiny car and drove around most of the day. Super fun.

Day Four

I had to return our rental car to Bastia and decided to walk the 3.5 miles back to our new hotel. Lots of stuff to checkout along the way.

Day Five

The conference arranged for some beach activities. Caline tried paddle boarding and I stuck with snorkeling. Caline joined me shortly after and we got to see a crashed WWII plane!

Day Six

Caline had to give her presentation and I tried to catch up on email in the hotel lobby.

Day Seven

Left our second hotel and explored more of the island. Almost got the rental car stuck on dirt roads that Google told us to go down and saw a huge waterfall. Tried to get pizza on the way home but there’s no food available at restaurants outside of normal meal times.

Day Eight

Our last full day in Corsica took us all the way to the southern tip and up into the mountains. Had trouble finding lunch again, so snacked on mini pizzas.

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